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(Self Help: Audio Books)

I’ve been reading a lot of books lately, and enjoying a variety of fiction and nonfiction, but I must take you back to that fateful day referred to in my last post when everything went wrong and I had to do something to change it. As well as reading Susan Jeffer’s Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway I also stumbled upon a self help hypnotherapy recording, Glenn Harrold’s Ultimate Guide to Relaxation, which I thought I would give a try.

So my rational mind was fed with some great positive ideas from Susan Jeffers, and later in the evening I lay down with my headphones on to start listening to this hypnotherapy CD.

It was certainly an interesting experience - Glenn’s voice and accent were at first quite strange and not at all what I’d expected, but I soon got used to it and fell into the experience. The calming techniques, rhythmical breathing, and visualisation all helped me to go into a state that in fact did feel very different from normal waking consciousness. The CD took me through a motivational visualisation which left me feeling totally satisfied after completing a difficult journey, and then I was fed some layered affirmations. The calming music and sound effects on the CD were instrumental in helping me relax, and when I finally came out, I did feel a little different, but not astoundingly. The CD actually contains 2 tracks, and I listed to the second one straight away - it is a shorter version of the first, probably useful for booster sessions.

As a background, there were a number of things I wanted to do with my life, both personally and in my business, that I had kept putting off, and I had also been experiencing a lifelong feeling of lack of confidence.

Although this CD was to help with my motivation, it would turn out to have several knock on effects. The next day, a Sunday, instead of dragging myself out of bed at 11 to be ready to visit a country park with my parents at 1, I was up at 9 and straight back into my self help books. I thought I might as well make use of an extra couple of hours! I detected an extra spring in my step and felt much more positive about things in general. At the park, my parents commented that I was much more lively than usual, and while before I suffered from mild social phobia and some small agoraphobia, I leapt at the opportunity to go into the cafe for our order (which I would normally leave to someone else). I really did feel more confident in myself, but also a lot more motivated to take on challenges, to do new things, to put a stop to my negative thinking and to do some of the things I’ve always wanted to do but had been afraid to try.

I have since used a few more Glenn Harrold hypnotherapy recordings which I will review here, and will say in the main that they have been much more effective than I expected, and I am looking forward to trying others to work on different aspects of my life.

Of course hypnotherapy recordings don’t work for everyone, and sometimes it’s necessary to visit a professional therapist, but I can honestly say that Glenn Harrold’s Ultimate Guide to Building Your Motivation did a great job for me, and I still listen to it on a regular basis when I need a boost, or feel my motivation slipping!

And I do have to say that there are at least 2 major things I had been waiting over 5 years to do, and I finally got over my fears and procrastination and went ahead and did them :)

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