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This is a great little psychological thriller on the “revenge theme” - and shows that the emotions involved in revenge can often lead to clouded thinking and misguided actions. Tom Clone is convicted of the murder of a young woman in this Alan Gregory novel, but years later a brilliant FBI agent uncovers new evidence that casts doubt on his case, and he is released. But release into a changed world with his missing years of freedom signals the beginning of his problems, and as he unravels these with psychologist Gregory and event unfold, it becomes clear that someone from the past believes Clone is guilty, and they are about to exact a terrible revenge…

Harlen Coben - The Innocent

I like Harlen Coben’s novels - they are fast paced, ideal reads for a weekend or over a couple of evenings, and The Innocent is no exception. In a roller coaster of twists and turns, the story of Matt Hunter unfolds, and it is a story of the past catching up, coming back to haunt! If you’ve had ups and downs in your life, you’ll be able to relate to Matt! Imagine, a chance incident sees you being robbed of several years of your life as you end up in jail.

You’re finally released, and begin to rebuild your life - only for the ride to begin again, in the form of a video clip showing your pregnant wife, wearing a blonde wig, with another man in a hotel room!

And meanwhile, a local cop, Loren, is trying to find out who smothered a teacher at the local convent, and why the dead nun had breast implants…

Blood Memory By Greg Iles

Blood Memory is in many ways a book about the imperfections of life, although it is by no means an imperfect novel. In this story Iles takes the brave step of dealing with issues the avid reader might prefer to be swept under the rug while reading on the beach or in the lounge - for many readers read to escape realities as much as to explore them. Child abuse and the damage it inflicts on families and individuals, is moreover a subject not to be taken lightly by the novelists’ pen. It is a sore under the respectable and not so respectable surface of society at all levels

In Cat Ferry, a dental forensic expert, we have a flawed character, but one that is flawed for good reason. The fascination with this character however lies not in her flaws but in her strengths, for although on some levels she is not even likeable, on others she has deeply admirable qualities. A functioning alcoholic, sleeping with a married man, beset by panic attacks and blackouts, she nonetheless summons the courage and dignity to survive attempts on her life and to solve an old crime of which she herself was the victim.

Set this against a related subplot involving, curiously, the serial murder and mutilation of men, and several surprising kinks and twists in the story, and you are left with this novel set in the American deep south that is not perfect, but Blood Memory is certainly as interesting and as unforgiving as its subject matter demands.

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